Bills, Cakes and General Info

For special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, we can serve whole rich chocolate cakes ($55.00) or cheesecakes ($55.00). Please let us know a couple of days in advance that you will be requiring a cake, or candles, so we can be sure to have them ready. If you prefer to bring your own cake that is fine, we have a small charge of $ 10.00 for this service.

We would like to remind patrons that we do not issue individual accounts but one itemised bill per table. We are happy to assist you to figure out amounts at your table while everyone is still there. We've found that this prevents confusion at the end of the evening, especially for large groups, so that one person isn't left with paying for any "extras". The last thing you need is hassles on special occasions!

This is where set price menus can be really helpful in that they eliminate the hassle of "sorting out the bill". There is also the option of guests purchasing drinks individually at the bar; this can really simplify things and let you get on with enjoying your evening!

Booking Info

As the Mexican Café can seat up to 140 people at one time, we only take reservations for groups of 8 people or more. We take reservations for lunch Monday through to Friday and for dinner - 7 nights a week.

If you want to make a reservation for more than 15 people, we advise you to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

To book a table for your special occasion, please go to our booking form

Our private function room can seat 40-45 people. We also offer set menus for large groups.

On the busiest nights, Friday and Saturday we currently take a limited number of reservations in order to leave room for casual dinners.

For smaller sized tables, just come on in! If by chance we can't seat you straight away, you can have a pre-dinner drink at the bar while you are waiting for your table. Our host will take your name upon arrival and organise a table for you, to ensure that you have a really good time with us. The host of the night will also be able to give you a realistic estimation of any waiting times. If you prefer to be seated quickly, we suggest you come in as early as you can.

Any reservation taken for November/December for groups of over 15 people will require a $200.00 deposit and a signed acceptance of our terms and conditions. This deposit is entirely refundable to you when you come in for your function.The deposit can either be deducted from your bill or given back to you in cash.



11.30am - late weekdays, 12pm - late weekends
Lunch available until 4pm any day

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